Monday, May 2, 2016

PAINTING ON MALLORCA: Oliveras at La Serranía

After a few days of painting in the gardens of La Serranía we were totally in love with the olive trees that grow all over the island. Young trees, simple in form, to ones hundreds of years old
with trunks full of burls and gnarled limbs were fascinating to some of us who live surrounded by alpine trees most of the year. The other tree we discovered was the carob tree, or 
algarrobo, that was similar to the olive but had smoother limbs and bright green pods.

Watercolor by Lynne Horning
Watercolor by Guy Williams
Watercolor by Meredith Nemirov
Ink and watercolor by Rosemary Lohndorf
Olive Tree and Tramontanas, watercolor by Meredith Nemirov

Afternoon of painting on the grounds of La Serranía

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