Friday, May 6, 2016

PAINTING AT THE CALA: The Mediterranean

Early Tuesday morning we left La Serranía and headed for the beach and the view of
the Mediterranean at Cala Sant Vincenc in Pollensa. The color of the water was so intense. I thought Cerulean Blue would do it but I was glad that I had Cobalt Turquoise on my palette! There was a slight wind that made it feel a little too cold in the shade but had a great effect on the water with a regular pattern of waves coming towards the shore. The other day when we visited the sight it was totally calm. This was more dramatic, to see the weather! 

Julia painted from the same location in both morning and afternoon light.

Carol's evocative pastel of the sun just appearing on the cliff face.

Cheryl's interpretations of both morning and afternoon light on the cliff.

Guy was painting from a different location

 Lynne's watercolor from the same spot...

...and the same view by Rosemary.

Meredith painting at the beach!

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Linda said...

Beautiful paintings!