Saturday, September 2, 2017


    This fall I will be going to Zion National Park for the first time to paint.

   I was invited to join a group of artists to paint in the Milford Zornes Paint Out. This event
   is generously supported by The Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts. They are the group
   responsible for restoring the Maynard Dixon Home & Studio in Mt. Carmel, Utah. I look
   forward to painting together in October.

   In November I will be painting in the Zion National Park Plein Air Art Invitational. I am 
   pleased that the proceeds from the event will benefit the Zion National Park Foundation
   and will support the educational programs that take place in the park.

   The focus of my work is the tree in the landscape. I went looking for Utah Juniper Trees.
   With the help of Park Ranger Paul Zaenger I found Everyone's Favorite Tree at 
   Dragon Point in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. I keep returning 
   to this spot to paint because it has a great variety of very old Juniper trees 

Everyone's Favorite Tree
Utah Juniper

This tree in Colorado is native to the Intermountain West but the Utah juniper is often confused with the Rocky Mountain Juniper because they appear to be very similar. These two conifer trees differ in the following ways: 1) The needles on the Utah juniper are yellow-green and the Rocky Mountain has gray-green foliage; 2) On the Utah juniper the bark is gray and on Rocky Mountain the bark is reddish-brown: 3) Utah juniper usually has male and female flowers on the same tree, whereas on Rocky Mountain juniper the male and female flowers are found on different trees.

The Old Utah Juniper
Dragon Point
Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Friday, May 12, 2017


Wave at Cala San Vincens

Rocky Cove at the Cala

Gardener's Shed at La Serranía

Olive Tree and Madrone

Flysch Geologic Formation at Gorliz, Basque Country

Bay of Pollensa Through Aleppo Pines

Drawing of Pines at Gorliz

Friday, May 5, 2017

TREES, painting and drawing in Mallorca

We spent days drawing and painting the trees at La Serranía in Pollensa
and La Casa de Robert Graves in Deiá!
The gardens were filled with the oldest olive trees!
From the top down:
Charcoal drawing by Marcia
Watercolor by Meredith
Graphite drawing by Dietrich
Graphite on pigment stained handmade paper by Julia
Oil by Josephine
Charcoal drawing by Raoul
Watercolor wash drawing by Guy
Watercolor by Gaby


Friday, April 28, 2017


La Ermita de la Victoria in Alcudia dates back to 1679.
The pastel above by Dietrich and charcoal pencil drawing below by Marisa 
both capture the simplicity of it's Romanesque architecture.

Guy painted the view of the hillside and mountains behind the Ermita.
The vegetation was particularly lush this year because of record winter rainfall 
warmer than normal temperatures in early spring.

Four of us chose the view across the Bay of Pollensa looking through the Aleppo Pines.
Starting at the top - graphite and colored pencil by Raoul, watercolor by Meredith, watercolor by Gaby
watercolor by Julia

Saturday, February 25, 2017


 Sample Palette for painting the Mediterrannean


Here are a few color palettes based on the paintings I did last year in Mallorca!
That Mediterranean sea eluded all the blues I usually have on palette except luckily I had a little bit of Cobalt Turquoise in my painting bag and that did it! 
I used plenty of Olive Green when painting the gardens everywhere. Please note that is Ivory Black
in the lower right hand corner. Very useful for all the texture on the trunks and branches.
These colors are just a suggestion and what I usually paint with:
(starting at upper left) Ivory Black, Raw Umber, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Sepia, Indigo Blue,
Cerulean Blue (warm blue) Cobalt and French Ultramarine (cool blues), Viridian Green (cool green),
Olive Green (of course for all those olive trees, a warm green!), Cadmium Yellow (warm yellow), Lemon Yellow (cool yellow), Naples Yellow (because I love it), Cadmium Red (warm red), Quinacridone Magenta (cool red), Buff Titanium from Daniel Smith. 
Cobalt Turquoise in the corner of the mixing area. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

PAINTING AT THE CALA: The Mediterranean

Early Tuesday morning we left La Serranía and headed for the beach and the view of
the Mediterranean at Cala Sant Vincenc in Pollensa. The color of the water was so intense. I thought Cerulean Blue would do it but I was glad that I had Cobalt Turquoise on my palette! There was a slight wind that made it feel a little too cold in the shade but had a great effect on the water with a regular pattern of waves coming towards the shore. The other day when we visited the sight it was totally calm. This was more dramatic, to see the weather! 

Julia painted from the same location in both morning and afternoon light.

Carol's evocative pastel of the sun just appearing on the cliff face.

Cheryl's interpretations of both morning and afternoon light on the cliff.

Guy was painting from a different location

 Lynne's watercolor from the same spot...

...and the same view by Rosemary.

Meredith painting at the beach!

Monday, May 2, 2016

PAINTING ON MALLORCA: Oliveras at La Serranía

After a few days of painting in the gardens of La Serranía we were totally in love with the olive trees that grow all over the island. Young trees, simple in form, to ones hundreds of years old
with trunks full of burls and gnarled limbs were fascinating to some of us who live surrounded by alpine trees most of the year. The other tree we discovered was the carob tree, or 
algarrobo, that was similar to the olive but had smoother limbs and bright green pods.

Watercolor by Lynne Horning
Watercolor by Guy Williams
Watercolor by Meredith Nemirov
Ink and watercolor by Rosemary Lohndorf
Olive Tree and Tramontanas, watercolor by Meredith Nemirov

Afternoon of painting on the grounds of La Serranía