Monday, April 8, 2013


After visiting León I know I should be posting images of the stained glass windows in the Catedral de Santa María de León. No photograph could capture the emotion I felt, color as intense and beautiful as the best piece of symphonic music resonated through my whole being, and I broke down. I had heard about the windows in advance but I was overwhelmed by the immediate impact of them. We did not see them on a sunny day, so I can only imagine the sun shining through. I suppose the overcast day
saturated the color making it even more intense. 
Even the website has only a few images -

These are images from the Museo y Claustro de la Catedral next door.
They are devoid of color but are so alive. The sculpture we have been seeing in these cathedrals is just incredible. Some of it is serious and others are very light hearted and whimsical. 
They speak so much to the human experience.

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