Friday, April 26, 2013


Foot and Fish
Foot and Fish
Fresco drawing of saint
Praying Woman


 It was in the Cátedral de Santa María de la Regla in León, Spain that I first noticed the fish. 
I am always looking for tree and bird symbology in the crests, friezes and frescoes here,
at the top are two images of the drawings for frescoes in that cathedral.
When visiting these places you are surrounded by so much art, centuries old, and of course, unlike in an art museum, there are no labels. I photograph what catches my eye and is intriguing in a way I haven't encountered before. 
The "praying woman" is underneath two trees that could have come from any modernist painting or a landscape by one of the Group of Seven. The geometric configuration in the image above is a mystery.


An early Jewish temple?

I will dedicate another post to Sephardic Jews in Spain but I wanted to point out in this fresco in the
León cathedral the building above with the two Jewish stars. There are old buildings all over Spain like this. Every town has it's "juderia".

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Mary Ellen Long said...

Love the feet and fish. Beautiful post. Will you soon be in your Colorado home?