Wednesday, February 20, 2013


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The pine cone is a Middle Eastern traditional element that is related to the unity of the people of Israel.
Vegetation and geometry are the images of the work of the Creator in the cosmos and nature.
This column is in Santa Maria La Blanca Sinagoga (Synagogue) Toledo, Spain
Early 13th C.

Phases of the Moon

Sepulchre Cover - an early inspiration for William Morris
Museo de Santa Cruz, Toledo - Early 16th C.

A portrait in mosaic
A town scene in mosaic
Ceramica - Ferns
Ceramica - Tree on Pitcher (always looking for trees)
Ceramica - Bird (always looking for birds)
Ceramica - exquisite abstract brushwork
All of above at the Museo de Santa Cruz, Toledo

And then Roy Lichtenstein's Sculpture - 
a big brushstroke moving through space
at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid

And then Estatua del Angel Caido (Statue of the Fallen Angel)
a dynamic figure moving through space!

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gk said...

Lovely! The sun just started to shine here after 24 hrs of snowfall. What beauty.