Monday, March 7, 2016

PREPARING FOR MALLORCA - Small, Medium and Large

How do you make large work when you are traveling and have to carry it back in your suitcase?
Here are a couple of suggestions for going from small to large that are also very process oriented.

View from Horsefly Mesa by Raoul Anchondo, mixed media, 50" x 70"

The artist used thirteen pieces of paper, from 9" x 11" to 28" x 40" (upper left), then
mounted them together afterwards. This was not planned beforehand but happened during the drawing process when he realized he wanted to expand it to include more of the landscape.

Field (MacDowell) by Dawn Clements, watercolor, 36" x 41"

Lynne Horning sent me a link to Clements' website. You can see from this watercolor that she is working on folded paper. I am not sure if she folds it first or after. I have heard about other artists doing this but in a different way. They work on the paper while it is folded up and in the end have a large composition (or not a composition) of different drawings all together. This is another method that is process oriented and is not overly concerned with the final outcome

Yagul by Meredith Nemirov, watercolor, 10" x 18"

When traveling I like to bring some pre-cut accordion folded watercolor paper. Sometimes I work in a linear fashion, left to right, other times I start in the middle. I end up with a more panoramic view of the landscape but also a variety of smaller studies on each folded section. I wonder how it would work if it was a vertical orientation?

Yagul, left section

Aspen Studies, watercolor, 9" x 20"

This one presents four different observations or ideas of looking at the trees. 

Take a look at the series, In The Garden, that Jennifer Bartlett did in the 1980's when she 
spent the winter in St. Tropez, France. She decided to work on one size of paper only,
but used a large variety of mediums to interpret the same subject. 


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