Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Work for a New Year

Looking back 
and looking forward
new work begins in
older work.
Going through my Moleskine books from 2006, I scanned and printed out all my tree drawings and hung them on the studio wall.
I am looking for drawings that "talk" to each other and create a group of like minded shapes and points of view, a conversation.

 This drawing from November 2012 was the basis for the next two color paintings.
 Subterranean Nine, rotated so the trunk is lying across the page,
the tree becomes a horizon, a below and above, earth and underneath.

 Untitled One, done while I was in Spain in 2013,
is influenced by the striated columns of the limestone churches
and the patterning on the Mudejar architecture in the south.
These two works on paper are 22" x 30", watercolor, gouache,
ink and colored pencil.
They can be seen at the Michael Warren Contemporary Gallery in Denver.

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