Sunday, September 14, 2014

AFTER BURCHFIELD: for the Ridgway Public Library

How many times have I taken out this book from the Harold Rosenberg Collection!
I have long admired the watercolor paintings of this artist, whose work is so inspired by nature, weather and the changing of the seasons and was so pleased to find a book his drawings!
The transition from summer to fall makes me think of his work even more. 

The opportunity to make a painting for the Ridgway Public Library Fundraiser
took me to my favorite spot for painting aspens on Miller Mesa. I wanted to capture
something of the trees with Burchfield's work in mind.
This is the painting I donated. Below is the black and white watercolor I did first.

And here is a large on-site painting I returned to a couple of weeks later. Still summer!
"One of the greatest joys of an artist's working life is producing drawings, probably because he enjoys greater freedom in drawing than he does in what he considers his major work"
Charles Burchfield

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