Sunday, May 19, 2013

Primavera, Parque Del Ebro

It's a late spring in northern Spain. Just like in Colorado, at altitude in the Rocky Mountains,
it's changeable from winter to summer like weather in the same week. Last week gave me some beautiful days in the Parque Del Ebro along the river to go out to draw and paint.
The scene above shows the variety of trees one finds here: palms, beeches, cypresses and here and there and old olive or fruit tree like the apple I drew here.
What drew my attention to this tree is the curious way it was growing all alone surrounded by a circle of pine trees. The contrast of the blossoms with the dark needles of the pines was stunning.

Judging from the trunk, it looks to be well over a hundred years old. The thoughtful gardeners who planted the pines were considerate to leave the apple and create such a nice space for it!

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Mercedes Blanco said...

:) conozco muy bien ese árbol que está como escondido o protegido entre pinos... y precioso el dibujo y la acuarela (o guash)