Friday, November 9, 2012

Four Views from Logroño, Spain

 First day: view from my kitchen window at Breton de los Herreros, 48

Painting along the Ebro River across the bridge on Calle de Sagasta 

 Second day: view from the other kitchen window

View from La Guardia: the peak in the distance is  El Leon Dormido (the sleeping lion)
in the Cantabrian Mountains

Discovering my new environs, speaking Spanish and getting to know my new city. I started painting from indoors and slowly worked my way onto the bus to La Guardia, a town full of Bodegas, wineries and places to enjoy that great Rioja wine. This seems to be what drives this place, and the food of course. And the beautiful old architecture.
My new Spanish friend Jose Luís laughed when I said this place is so historic.
Then I went to Burgos where he is from and saw what old can look like.
The great cathedral in this town was home to the King and Queen for over 300 years.

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